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Dear friends and family,

I just wanted to update everyone, as I am no longer sure who I have talked to and who I have not.  And this news is really at the center of my days and I am going to be discussing issues pertaining to it on a regular basis and donít want some of you in the dark and I also donít want to have to keep answering the same questions that could come up.  This summer, just before our trip to CA and Disneyland (so yeah, smack in the middle of craziness) God sort of dropped something amazing in our laps.  Norbert has a job opportunity that will most likely happen sometime after the New Year.  It is a job that weíve been expecting, but coming much sooner, with much more pay and in a more secure way than we had ever imagined.  To be honest, it totally blew us away!  The job can be done from anywhere we can have internet access.

There is a lot we donít know yet, nothing is really official or set in stone.  But we are prayerfully moving forward in plans to move back to Hungary next year Ė summer or early fall.  I am researching schooling for the kids for next year.  And yes, the bittersweet aspects are hitting me more, as the initial excitement of such a dream coming true has worn off and the reality of such a move sinks in.  In a spiritual truth we have heard from others and seen to be true, God waited until we had fully given over ever returning to Hungary, had given it up for the near future at least.  Yes, we have announced such plans before, and they have usually come to nothing but frustration and more heartache.  He waited until we were also fully immersed and living joyfully where He has us.  Helping with the church plant of Mile High Calvary has been and continues to be so amazing for us.  It would be so easy, so natural and comfortable to just stay where we are.  This job could allow for that as well.  And we are still praying and seeking Godís exact directions.  We hope to learn much more over our Christmas trip to Hungary.  But I also know that next summer will come soo quickly.  I wanted you all aware as I prepare, research, question, pray, sort, downsize, ponder, learn, etcÖ all that I foresee in this coming season.  Even if we do not move to Hungary, Norbert will be taking this job (NO MORE work trips every month!!! :-D), and we will most likely be selling our home.  There are changes coming, and Iíd appreciate your prayers.



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