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You enter from the street, house door on the right.
Car Port area, w/ empty suitcases, backyard ahead.
The back of our home, from our little yard.
Joshi in his attic bedroom window.
Our upstairs bedroom has a nice balcony.
Now to enter our home, the door inside our carport area.
Our entry way.
Living room is to the left. To be painted cream.
Kitchen is to the right, window faces street.
Beautiful pine wood furniture throughout.
Up the stairs, the 2nd floor landing.
Anna's room is first to the left, she's unpacking!
Anna's room after unpacking, to be painted purple.
Anna has a great wardrobe and a desk at her window.
Siah's room is after Anna's on the left.
He's happy with the orange, no paint needed.
Our bedroom is on the right, and was a boys' room before.
Up the stairs to the beautifully finished attic...
You see Joshi's room from the stairs, and Yoda.
Joshi's attic room, to be painted blue.
The back half of the attic room, to be N's office.
The front half, our living room and N's current office.
The view from our attic room windows.
Nightime view with the church towers all lit up.
Our new mattress, arriving weeks early!
Welcome to our home in Szeged, Hungary....want a tour?  We've been so blessed by this house, belonging to former missionaries who are now living back in the States.  We're renting it from them, after years of them renting it to different university students every year - it is a blessing to us both.  They returned to the States seven years ago, taking only 8 suitcases - boy, can we relate!  So we are slowly taking their time-capsule house and making it ours.  And are so blessed by their lovely solid pine furniture throughout.  As we get rooms redone, painted and such, we'll add some new photos to this album.  Rachel is also highly anticipating spring, and what she can do to fix up the sadly neglected small yard and garden space.