God could use Balaam's donkey too.

Welcome to the Lakatos family's homepage.

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This site is for friends and family to keep in touch with Norbi and Rachel Lakatos and their three children Josiah, Joshua and Anna.

 Why Balaam's donkey?
We believe if God could use even a donkey for His own glory than we might have a good chance of being useful instruments in God's hand.  If you want to check out the story of Balaam's donkey you can find it in your Bible in the book of Numbers chapter 22 from verse 22 to 30.







L to R: Josiah, Joshua, Norbi, Rachel holding Anna - Christmas 2002


This site needs some serious updating. All information is at least a year old.

Drop us a line: Norbi_and_Rachel@balaamsdonkey.com

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