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A Note From Rachel

I was recently encouraged in the area of being a full-time mom and also in ministry.  I'd like to pass it on.  It can be frustrating sometimes when the needs of little ones keep the wife and mother at home instead of at church functions and outreaches.  Sure, there are times when the kids can be dragged along, and even times when they can actively help and be a part of events.  But I know too, that I'll often be at home while Norbi is evangelizing, on outreach, counseling, or practicing for worship.  How is that helping the church?  Do my long days count for anything?  In 1 Samuel 30:24, God gave a great answer:  "The share of the man who stayed with the supplies is to be the same as that of him who went down to the battle.  All will share alike."  Isn't that encouraging?  I may not be going out to battle, out to the front lines of winning souls to Christ everyday - but God sees my job at home as equaling deserving.  By the way, don't think that's all I plan to do in Hungary - I hope to witness and disciple and all sorts of helping in the church too, but I know Norbi will be busier.  Be encouraged, other stay at home moms, your staying with 'the supplies' - the future of God's kingdom, is very important!


Below are two links to an autobiography that I'm slowly adding to as I have time - it also will explain why I'm here in Hungary as a missionary, and why I married a crazy Hungarian!  I hope it will also bless you with my experiences of God's faithfulness and perfect timing, and possibly be an encouragement to young Christian girls out there - that God does have just the 'one' for you, waiting - and God will bring you two together in His perfect plan and timing.


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